Selah Freedom
PO Box 21415
Sarasota, FL 34276
(941) 525-8933

Selah Freedom Needs List

Wish List: Solid door with Lock - $300 Painting interior walls and back room - $3,800 Patio furniture Installation of lock in master bedroom - $50 Locked cabinet area - $250 Light fixture over sink - $200 Washer/dryer - $1,600 Light fixture and shutters in foyer - $2,000 Termite and pest control - $3,500 Porch bench - $239 Hammocks - $200 Fan light fixture - $150 Curtains - $10 Shower curtain and bathroom décor - $300 Bar stools - $500 Locking file cabinets - $250 Conversion of fireplace from wood to gas - $1,000 Other needs include: Back hoe for pond renovation Reset stones in yard Stump removal Power wash deck Patio furniture Lawn service Potted plants Ceiling lights and fans Master bathroom décor Bathroom towels and rugs Small desk Fireplace screen & tools Area rugs Riding lawn mower Needs for Survivors • $360 for Six Driver’s Ed Lessons. Kids in the Foster Care System are not allowed to get a Driver’s License. By providing Driver’s Ed classes and helping them through the process of getting a Driver’s License, we are giving them opportunities they never received growing up. • $95 Dental Visit Sponsorships • Dentist to provide pro-bono or reduced rate services for immediate dental needs • Computer with CD drive for Survivors to view educational materials Needs for Selah Freedom Operations • Office Space • Fireproof safe with lock & key • Single/double drawer filing cabinet • Printer ink cartridges: HP 564 & Laser Jet HP 80A

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