Happy House Service Company
4532 W. Kennedy Blvd., Suite 270
Tampa, FL 33609
(888) 364-0059 x103

50% off Initial Home Servicing ($125 value)

Happy House Service Company keeps all of your home systems and appliances properly maintained according to the manufacturer guidelines— extending their life, minimizing your electric bill, and reducing the chances of a home fire. Happy House Service Company is your one-stop provider for all your home needs including preventative maintenance and a home concierge service for trusted home watch, lawn, pool, maid, and repair services when needed. If you are unable to, don't know how to or if you just want to spend more time with your family or have time for yourself instead of your house, We do it all…with just one call. Preventative Maintenance: Clean Clothes Dryer Duct Flush Water Heater Change A/C filters Clean A/C Drain Line Change Smoke Detector Batteries Inspect Fire Extinguishers Lubricate & Adjust Garage Door Check Auto Reverse on Garage Door Clean Sinks & Inspect Garbage Disposal Clean Refrigerator Coils Clean Drinking Water Tube Inspect Electrical Breaker Panel Test Water for Lead

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Expires: 3/30/2019

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